Signs They’re Attracted To You

And why we usually make mistakes in knowing

camila waz, unsplash

“Are they into me or not?”

Most information out there is really, really stupid.

1. False Positives

You think they’re into you, but they’re not.

2. False Negatives

You think they’re NOT into you, but they are.


1. Human Beings Are Messy

2. Attraction Is Not Black and White

3. Attraction Is Not Linear

Unreliable signs of “attraction”

“Eye contact”

“Pupil Dilation”

“Body language”

Proximity or leaning towards the other

“Feet / Toes”




They’re sensitive

You seem to put a bounce in their step



Asking questions

They don’t talk about other romantic conquests

They ask your opinion

They listen

They tell you things about themselves


They invite you to meet their friends

They are nice


They are observant

They engage with you on social media

They want your number

They pick up the phone

They don’t play games


The Signs That Matter

5. Staring (when you’re not speaking to each other)

4. They want time with you

3. They want ALONE time — uninterrupted — with you

2. They treat you differently than anyone else

1. They tell you.

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